Overview of KBK Welfare Association

KBK Welfare Association is KBK Group's charity project to improve communities. Via its corporate social responsibility, KBK Welfare supports poor and marginalized communities via different philanthropic activities.

We promote education, healthcare, environment, and social development to make a difference. We work with local groups and organizations to establish sustainable solutions that enhance the lives of people in need.

Collective action is powerful. Hence, KBK Welfare supports employee volunteering to promote compassion and social responsibility. We seek to solve social issues and improve communities by donating time, money, and expertise.
With the help of our workers and partners, KBK Welfare is improving the lives of many and creating a more equal and inclusive society.

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Our Products

Community Outreach
Empowering underserved communities through education, healthcare, and basic necessities.

Health and Wellness Services
Ensuring access to medical care, vaccinations, and health education for vulnerable individuals.

Skill Development and Employment Assistance
Providing training and job placement support to enhance employability.

Emergency Relief and Disaster Response
Swift mobilization of resources and aid during crises and natural disasters.

Food Distribution Programs
Offering nutritional support to those facing food insecurity.

Women's Empowerment Initiatives
Fostering gender equality and providing resources for women's growth and self-reliance.

Child Welfare Services
Ensuring the well-being of children through education, healthcare, and protection from harm.

Environmental Conservation Efforts
Promoting sustainability and environmental initiatives for a better future.

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