Dr. Bharath Kumar Kakkireni
Chairman & CEO
KBK Group

Chairman's Message

Dear KBK Team,

I am proud to have founded The KBK Group Of Companies, which continues to explore new business horizons and create innovative opportunities for aspiring individuals. Taking care of our employees means caring about their families. We work together to achieve our goals as a corporate family.

Our motto is Quality Matters More Than Quantity, and we will continue to follow this principle as we grow our business by welcoming new organizations and partnering with quality-focused clients. My sincerest thanks to the dedicated team that has sustained our growth and to everyone who has contributed to our success.

The global pandemic caused unprecedented health and financial challenges last year. But the way we kept going when things got hard was a good sign. During the storm, we got stronger and closer together.

You are unwavering commitment to the growth and progress of The KBK Group Of Companies inspires optimism and excitement for the future as we celebrate its achievements.

I respect and admire each of you for your hard work. In today's fast-paced world, opportunities abound; we must seize them. The saying goes, Ideas abound today. Someone else will if we don't.

Wishing you another year of growth, success, and shared achievements. We will keep exploring new possibilities and improving the future.

Dr. Bharath Kumar Kakkireni
Chairman & CEO
KBK Group.

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