KBK Group


KBK Group's motto is "Beyond the ordinary", which defines us as building special things and impacting people's lives with KBK Group of companies. We started from being a business service provider to expanding to hospitals, real estate, and IT service providers to international companies. KBK group was established in 2011 by K. Bharat Kumar with ten employees. It was a humble beginning that made a difference. Today we are a family of over 1000+ employees building and growing together

KBK group position as the leader in the industry which we entered. Our commitment to innovations and exponential growth.KBK group looks forward to bringing growth and new opportunities to the generations ahead of time, making India grow and look forward to the future.


KBK Group's vision is to contribute the best technology and talent innovation to people worldwide.


Our mission is to transform people's lives with innovation and technology. We empower youth to support the uniqueness and growth of businesses for a better future.