About KBK Group:

KBK Group has traditionally led every industry we have entered. Our success has come from our continuous effort of exponential growth and innovation. We foresee a future where KBK Group leads development and creates new possibilities ahead of our time, advancing India and future generations.

We strive for greatness since our journey reflects our desire to push limits. Our dedication to innovation, growth, and social good makes KBK Group more than a company. We want to improve India and the globe as we grow.

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To set the standard for enterprises that improve people's quality of life and help countries develop our infrastructure by consistently creating new value.


We empower individuals to reach their full potential.
Your trust is our assurance of quality and reliability.
We face challenges with courage and determination.
We believe in fostering a strong, supportive community.
Our unwavering dedication drives our success.
We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
We build trust through transparency and reliability.
Adding value is at the core of everything we do.
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Dr. Bharath Kumar Kakkireni

" I am delighted to welcome you to KBK Group's website. As the Chairman of this esteemed organization, I am honored to share our mission, vision, and values with you."

Our Leadership – One Vision One Team

The KBK leadership has the same goal and works as a unified entity to promote the company's development and progress.

Dr.K.Bharath Kumar
Chairman & CEO
KBK Group of Companies
K.Jaya Vyshnavi
Director- Human Resources
KBK Group of Companies
Operations Manager
KBK Group of Companies
C.Srikanth Reddy
General Manager
KBK Group of Companies
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