KBK Groups Companies

Humble Beginnings Mammoth Desire.

K. Bharath Kumar established KBK from a small place in 2011in Hyderabad, providing business solutions and staffing solutions to other businesses and wanted to build companies that contribute to society.

KBK Business Solutions

KBK business solution provides business services to multiple companies to help them grow on digital platforms, from building the website to getting customers online, brand building, and design services in India and abroad.

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Equinox IT Solutions

Equinox IT Solutions is a leading company bringing data-driven business services in technology, marketing, and E-commerce supporting IT services. We are partnering with various companies to expand ourselves in various sectors.

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KBK Multi-Speciality Hospitals

KBK Hospitals is one the fastest growing hospitals in Hyderabad, located in a central location of Hyderabad, giving special treatment to patients suffering from life-threatening chronic diseases, like diabetic foot ulcers, gangrene, cellulitis, and burn injuries.
KBK Hospitals are on a mission to help chronic patients recover using natural medicine, aiming to avoid surgeries and amputations whenever possible. Our main vision is to treat with excellence, expertise, and empathy. We prioritize caring for our patients empathetically and providing excellent treatment through our expert doctors.

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KBK Property

KBK Property started in 2010 with a vision of making everyone a homeowner, from bringing the affordable property to luxury properties under one roof. House hunters can look at all range of properties, from housing to commercial, all in one place.

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KBK - Welfare

KBK welfare is on a journey to support society and uplifts certain parts of society, such as NGOs, nursing homes, and orphanages, to bring education to children, food distribution camps, and blood donation camps to needy people. We are compassionate to contribute to society and do good.

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KBK Events

KBK Events is a new family member, creating special memories on every occasion. We are creating a customized plan as per the customer's needs. Making every celebration memorable.

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KBK Broadcasting

KBK Broadcasting is a platform bringing truth, social awareness, and stories in fun and entertaining content. It's a podium covering local, national and international news. We are not only covering the latest news but covering the latest development with high-quality content delivery.

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